Collaboration between Ambika Subramaniam and designer Alex Zandi.

The video explores how the contemporary context of computerization affects the horizon of our everyday behavior and can relate to the traditional notion of gestus within the dance form of Bharatanatyam. The classical dance, in which movement once described the cultural notions of the body, becomes a cyber-dance, simulating gestus through technobiology and written hypertext. Consciousness within movement is derailed by the interactive behavior with technology, transforming the coordination between natural body rhythms and surroundings into a technologically mediated hyperactivity and hyperrealism. The hypertext, superimposed on the dancer, dictates the movements, space, color, and other elements of the frame. The impossible composition of Bharatanatyam and hypertext becomes a mechanism that undermines the alleged transparency of the interface, exposing the innate opacity of the medium.


This work was recently screened at Cousins Gallery, 1051 Wycoff in New York, for the show Faceless.