Entire territories and spaces are created by framing devices such as walls, roofs, or floors that define the exterior from the interior. On a microscale, furniture is the means to which entire interior spaces are framed, territorialized, and moved within. It is the closest, tangible way in which humans can experience the interior and its sensations. FRAMED SEATS uses a furniture installation inspired by Jorgen Hovelskov's harp chair as a film set to describe the relationship between frame and seat, and how the movements within frames lead to links with vacant, disconnected spaces that exist outside of frames. The different styles of furniture, with the cohesive rhythmic string, allow scale, perspective, and practicality of the pieces to be determined by the frame from which one sees or experiences the space. The cinematic frames of the video counterpart link the actions to spaces within the frame, but also to the potential spatial-movements outside of the frame/space/territory. The tension between on-frame and off-frame allows the video to become a "striptease" for the furniture.