Return of the Super Maria Sisters

A thesis project that begins with an experimental art fiction novel titled, "Return of the Super Maria Sisters," which follows Maria and Luisa, two female video game characters who were beat out by the Super Mario Bros in 1985, shoved into oblivion with the likes of Attari E.T. and all other failed video games. The mysterious Generator grants them a thirty-year upgrade into the contemporary and releases them into the world of Super Maria 3D World. The sisters explore the architectural facets of the Generator’s levels, encountering various external digital bodies while assimilating into their own three-dimensional “female” selves. Their evolution of various humanistic qualities, such as gender, physicality, race, and consciousness triggers their understanding that they are, nonetheless, post-human holograms in a virtual and textual world. 

The installations and side projects of the Maria Sisters explore the various manifestations of the textual book - an extension into an interactive reading experience and the lines of flight the characters take into other narratives.

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Preview for the Return of the Super Maria Sisters:


The Super Maria Sisters Lecture Series:

June 5, 2015 -   Chelsea College of Art and Design, Chelsea Lecture Theater 5pm

June 26, 2015 - University College of London, LCCT Conference


Body Fit with Stewart Home:

Leading up to a Fitness Collaboration with Stewart Home, Maria and Luisa comment on their love for the writer


'Unstitute': Spatio-Mnemonic Online Residency:

Maria and Luisa manifest themselves into an interactive digital dialogue platform.