The Sumerians told tales of Zisudra, who built a vessel to survive the great waters sent by a Divine Counsel. Hindus scribed how Matysa warned man of an impending flood, thus wiping out all of Earth. Noah was instructed to build an arc that contained a pair of every animal. The Chinese failed to built arc in time for the Yellow River overflow. FEMA failed to build boats for the coming of the great flood, Katrina. 

In preparation for a great flood, Noah’s arc is implausible. The SUPERARC prototype proposes a structure that interlaces the figure of an artist, architect, and commercial designer into a new cultural project similar to Sylvia Lavin’s discussion of superarchitecture (Kissing Architecture, 2011). As a super-arc, the two-part design can be stored, assembled into a flotation device, and then reassembled into a temporary shelter. A symbol of integrated capitalist markets, cultures based within mythology, and art and architecture, the SUPERARC will become the beginning of a new civilization after world destruction by flood. The physical product prototype is UV Protected and translucent, meant for a house but also durable when submerged in water. A commercial was made to address the art - commercial - architecture concept, using found footage juxtaposed with a classic kitschy info-commercial. The language used within the commercial connects art with its materialistic origins.